My name is Nicole Rouat and I live in Northern Ireland. I sign my art under the artist’s name N. Rouat.
My inspirations come from my multi-cultural background and places I have lived in and travelled such as Africa, France, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, America, Ireland and many more.

Creating art Is my form of expression and my way of storytelling about things around me, the past, the present as well as my dreams.
I specialise in contemporary art, mostly working with acrylics and some oils and watercolours. I rarely use brushes as I find art can be created using various other tools.

I am very inspired and fascinated by Pablo Picasso’s artwork; his collage and how he invigorated the mind the see things directly in an abstract way.

At the age of 14 my first artwork was on display at a school in Höör, Sweden.

A few of my artwork are currently on display in a boutique in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, in a few homes in the South of France and in Sweden.

My hope is through my paintings I can capture people’s imagination and allow them to see beyond the "ordinary".

Enjoy this abstract journey.